Special Moments at the Zoo


Remember when the monkeys threw poop at you at the zoo? Or how about the time two zebras started getting it on while you were trying to enjoy your hot dog? Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is gathering your memories to help celebrate its 125th anniversary this year. Throughout 2007, the zoo is accepting submissions — photos, souvenirs, written recollections, whatever — to include in its upcoming anniversary exhibit and to post on a special website. The zoo has a bunch of special events planned, but the big blowout arrives on September 15 — the venue's official birthday. Folks interested in contributing to the project should send pictures, items, and essays (keep 'em under 500 words, though; nobody wants to read an 8,000-word piece on that spiritual awakening you had in the RainForest 10 years ago) to the zoo. You can also drop them off or e-mail them to Zoo125@clevelandmetroparks.com. --Michael Gallucci

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