Outraged & Horrified


I will admit, I have not been a loyal Scene reader for a good number of years. However, while picking up some dry cleaning, the recent cover story ["Tomb With a View," January 10] caught my attention for two reasons: 1) I grew up in Garfield Heights; and 2) I have always wondered how any development company could receive approval to build on a site most people suspected was contaminated. I do not doubt your article was researched, validated and approved by responsible editors, and that the information is reliable and correct. I am, however, outraged and horrified to learn that what most suspected for all those years is probably true and has and will continue to cause unspeakable devastation to the lives of innocent citizens. I commend you, Jared, for having the courage to write this article. The Ohio EPA and the Ohio Department of Health have shamefully failed to protect the people of these communities. I imagine they are not pleased to have this kind of exposure. I hope for broader exposure, which lends itself to a full investigation, to determine a responsible course of action that will mitigate further harm. Patti Palmer Macedonia


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