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Christine Howey represents everything that is wrong with theater criticism today. In her review of Light in the Piazza, the latest example of her spiteful writing, you can almost see her brain working. Since an understudy was performing, Ms. Howey saw an easy mark: pick on the understudy with mean but pithy insults. Review done! Ms. Howey saw no need to review the actual show, to examine the human condition the play portrays, the aim of the playwright and the responsibility of the director. Her sniping at the talents of actors continually ignores the role of the director. How about examining the aim of the play and the director, and how the aim was fulfilled? Despite the fact that Cleveland Scene is a free paper, it is too classy for the cheap shots offered week after week by Ms. Howey. Give me some real theatre criticism, and confine the catty remarks to the bar afterward. Maybe Ms. Howey should consider writing for a sitcom, where her so-called reviews seem to belong. Cynthia S. New York, NY


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