Amber Blonski: Lightning Rod


My comments are in reaction to the letter submitted by Amber Blonski regarding the City View shopping plaza and the several cases of cancer that Jared's article spoke of ["Tomb with a View," January 10]. First of all, Amber, God does not get pissed at people. And He most certainly would not be pissed at someone like Jason Berger or anyone else cited in the article. In my opinion, your comments were irresponsible, unresearched and most of all unbelievable, not to mention heartless. I commend Mrs. Berger for her response to you, saying that she would not wish this heartbreak on anyone. The only person who is pissed off in this situation is apparently you. What ever happened to you that would provoke you to say such cruel things to people fighting for their lives is beyond me. The only thing that is sad is the fact that this wonderful world is unfortunately tainted with people like you who have no regard for others. Just when I start to believe that maybe the world isn't so bad and that there are people out there who still care for others, I read something like your letter and my doubt is restored. The one thing I will give you is that you are right: There are people who live outside of the Valley View area, fighting for their lives as well. In fact, I'm sure the Bergers have met many of them in their time at the Cleveland Clinic. I'm also sure that they too would tell you to keep your heartless comments to yourself. Jill Kauffman Strongsville


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