A Vote for the Loco Leprechaun


I just read your review on the Loco Leprechaun ["Irish Risky," January 31] and it is so dead on. The first time I went to check it out was the night of the Ohio State-Florida game. The place was packed to the bone. The guy working there was so nice to put out a folding table so our party would have a place to sit. The food was extremely good. Chicken paprikash seemed to be the fave that night. I have a side of the guacamole salad and corn and black bean salsa. It was awesome. I have to say for being a Westlake bar and grill, this place blows all the others out of the water. I'm so sick of the stuffiness of Westlake. Everywhere you turn you have some stuck-up 17-year-old blonde with an attitude seating you; and as for bartenders, well let's just say most of them need to venture out of their zip codes. I think the Loco has a fabulous staff and great atmosphere. If you are looking for an easygoing place with great food and drinks, this is the place. Colleen Sichau Brook Park


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