Kill My Cleveland Orchestra Tickets


The following was received via voice mail: I'm calling about the article you wrote in the current issue of the Scene magazine regarding William Preucil and his power within the orchestra ["Sour Notes," February 14]. I just called the Cleveland Orchestra and talked to some people in the public relations department. I'm not a season ticket holder, but I do attend concerts, and I am returning my ticket for tomorrow night's performance of Vivaldi because William Preucil is going to do a solo as part of that performance. I'm very concerned about the issues you raised in your article. I also attend CIM -- the various student recitals over there. I am not a benefactor of CIM. I'm just one guy who is really upset after reading your article and I thought this was the only way I could make my voice heard. So tomorrow I'm going to drive down to the Cleveland Orchestra and dump my ticket and ask that I not take any tickets of performances where he will be performing. I had been looking forward to this Vivalvdi, but if he's going to be performing, after reading your article, I cannot in good conscience listen to this man perform. Thank you for an excellent article and I wish you well.

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