Joe P. Tone's Letter to Himself


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This is not a picture of Sasha Pavlovic or Jason Kidd. But since both those guys are ugly, we decided to put this lady's picture up instead.
I finally got angry enough to write a letter to The Plain Dealer today. Since it references gambling and strippers, they'll never run it, for fear of running off their four remaining advertisers. So I'll run it myself: Hi: How is it possible that on the day before the NBA trade deadline, while other outlets are reporting that the Cavs are trying to swing a deal for a Hall of Fame point guard in Jason Kidd, I have to read the 347th story about how Sasha Pavlovic's defense is improving (which it isn't)? Unless Branson Wright is stuck in a Vegas cab line, a serious hot streak at the blackjack table, or sharing a cocktail with someone named Destiny at the Spearmint Rhino, this is an absolute travesty. Doesn't anybody over there have phantom "league sources" "close to the negotiations" they can quote? I'm trying to get through the day over here, and Sasha dreaming in English, while fascinating, just isn't cutting it. Cheers, Joe P. Tone



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