'All Politicians are Pieces of Shit'


This week's cover story, "Black on Black Crime," describes how Cleveland's black leaders have allowed construction contractors to scam the city's minority set-aside program for years. The story has already provoked some impassioned responses. Here's an excerpt from an anonymous voicemail we received today: "I read you article with some interest... concerning Michael White, Nate Gray, Teamor, Forbes, all them black politicians... I guess a couple truths come out of this story... Just goes to show you that since pimpin' ain't easy, I guess its easier to pimp the city and pimp the people like that, you know. What makes anybody think that these minority set-aside programs weren't embroiled in scams, you know? Who thinks up these scams better than most? Politicians. That's why they're politicians, cause they're all scam artists. I don't give a damn what color or what side of the tracks you're from. All politicians are pieces of shit. None of 'em tell the truth except for when they're trying to catch your vote. Then they'll tell you what you want to hear. I don't give a damn what color you are. They all got the four tongues. So let it be known. And all we need now are a bunch of indictments on that story, don't we? White and black and Hispanic, or anybody else involved. From the top politicians all the way down. OK..."

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