Kucinich: Captain Opportunism


Denny was stridently anti-abortion -- until he wanted to be the Sweetheart of the Left.
Unsurprisingly, Clevelanders aren't the only ones tiring of Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign. Markos Moulitsas Z�niga, the lefty blogger behind the Daily Kos, recently unsheathed his disdain for the alleged congressman. He notes that Captain Opportunism used to be stridently anti-abortion to appease his heavily Catholic district, but quickly changed his tune during his last presidential campaign, when he hoped to play the role of Sweetheart to the Left. Kos also points to the utter silliness of his proposed Department of Peace. "Clearly, Kucinich resides in a higher plane of existence than I do," Kos writes. "But my plane is on the planet earth. I want my president to reside here as well." -- Joe P. Tone


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