Death and Flex


Charles Fleck
A friendly anonymous tipster left a vague message for me last night: Someone died at Flex, they reported excitedly. Why don't you check it out? Flex, of course, is developer Charles Fleck's multimillion-dollar gay fun house just east of downtown, which we first told you about last May. It's had a somewhat rocky go of it since then: construction was delayed, local health officials tried to screw him, and a woman filed a complaint accusing Fleck of discrimination after he turned her down for a job. But things are looking up for Fleck: The club is up and running and starting to pick up business, he says. While the woman's complaint isn't yet resolved, Fleck says he's been granted an exemption and can now legally discriminate against women, seeing as how his joint is loaded with naked men -- be still, my heart! -- walking around. And while someone did die there recently, it wasn't anyone famously straight, nor was it particularly scandalous. An old guy apparently had a heart attack. In a palace of saunas and Stairmasters, it's no surprise when someone's ticker suddenly won't turn over. — Joe P. Tone


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