Ray Austin's Title Fight


Your best chance to see a Cleveland sports championship may be this Saturday, when local heavyweight Ray "The Rainman" Austin fights for the IBF Heavyweight Title in Mannheim, Germany. Austin is a former felon from Cleveland's east side. He grew up street fighting and pushing crack, but eventually took his penchant for beating on people inside the ring in hopes of making some cash. Now he's got a shot. He fights IBF champ Wladimir Klitschko Saturday at 4:45 p.m. eastern. "Ray has always been a big, strong, rangy heavyweight," his trainer, Stacey McKinley says. "Now we took this man out of Cleveland and secluded him in South Florida for an extended training camp ... I'm telling you Ray Austin is a dangerous man right now. I'm feeling an upset brewing." Sadly, it's on HBO, which means most Clevelanders won't likely see it. Also sadly, most boxing insiders believe Austin doesn't have a chance. Also sadly, it's boxing, which hasn't been cool since Evander lost his ear, if not long before that. (See above video for a reminder of when boxing was cool). But a championship's a championship, right? Right? Anyone? — Joe P. Tone

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