Dimora Improved Race Relations


I served as Executive Director of the Bedford Heights Civic Coalition from 1976 to 1983. The purpose of this coalition was to promote peaceful integration and racial harmony among residents. During this era black residents were greeted with bricks thrown through picture windows, eggs thrown on the sides of their homes and multiple other egregious attempts to intimidate them. The FBI spent a considerable amount of time in Bedford Heights investigating violations of the Fair Housing Act. At the time, longtime Bedford Heights Mayor Lucille Reed had a less-than-open view of improving race relations. Also at that time, a young politician, Jimmy Dimora, challenged Mayor Reed's handpicked successor and worked across racial boundaries to become the mayor of Bedford Heights. The article about Jimmy Dimora ["King Cuyahoga," January 31] missed an important aspect: his ability to improve race relations in Cuyahoga County. County Commissioner Dimora has accomplished this in Bedford Heights and recently promoted the election of Peter Lawson Jones, the first African-American from the Democratic Party to become a Cuyahoga County Commissioner. Charles Bromley Cleveland Heights

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