Jewish Love, Manufactured by Rab


For all the kvetching Jews have done over Lisa Rab's December story on the sorry state of Jewish dating in Cleveland, at least one shidduch (match) has resulted from it. Rab interviewed Eric Greenberg, a 29-year-old architect, about his frustrations in finding a nice Jewish girl in Cleveland. "Anyone that's single I've either been out with or I know," he complained. Friends of Robyn Posner, a 33 year old Jewess, read the article and told her to pick up a copy immediately. Red Alert!: A cute single guy was pictured in the story. Posner found it funny that he'd "thought he had dated like every Jewish girl in Cleveland/JDate and I thought I had dated every Jewish guy in Cleveland," she says. The two started e-mailing and had their first date on ... Christmas Eve. Two months later, the happy couple are still together. Because of this, Rab has gotten a reputation in the Jewish community as a successful shadchan. At a concert last week, acute, curly haired girl came up to Rab, "Found any nice Jewish guys for me yet?" she asked. — Rebecca Meiser


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