Cindy George to go free?


Today the Ninth District Court of Appeals overturned Cindy George's murder conviction. For the past six years, the Akron socialite's story of infidelity and cold-blooded murder has unfolded like an Emmy season of All My Children. The former prom queen's downfall was chronicled in dozens of Akron Beacon Journal articles, from her rags-to-riches marriage in 1984 to her self-destructive promiscuity as a kept woman. The mother of seven children and wife to Akron's most prominent restaurateur, George found herself at the center of a murder case when her lover, John Zaffino, killed her other lover, Jeff Zack in 2001. Four years after Zaffino shot Zack at a gas station, George was convicted of being complicit in the murder. She received a life sentence. In prison, George became a reading tutor, receiving regular visits from her children, one of whom was conceived by Zack. She also continued to maintain her innocence, claiming she was little more than the victim of her bizarre love triangle. Today, an appeals court agreed. The court ruled that her conviction was based on little more than circumstantial evidence. You can view the decision here. The prosecution will have one last chance to appeal the decision. If they lose, George will go free. But even if George is allowed to return to her Medina County mansion, it's clear that she'll remain a prisoner of her own life, thanks to public opinion. -- Denise Grollmus


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