The Presidential MySpace tally


Do you feel distant from the new batch of presidential hopefuls? Don't really know what they're all about? If so, MySpace has the answer: the Impact Channel is where you can register to vote, enjoy news and politically oriented music videos, and, most important, pore over well-sanitized profiles of the candidates. (Except Rudy Giuliani — he's got to approve your friend request.) And if friend requests were to translate to votes (which, of course, is how it works in Cuyahoga County), Dennis Kucinich might have better luck running as a Republican. The tally so far: Barack Obama (D) 76,541 John Edwards (D) 14,789 Hillary Clinton (D) 3,352 John McCain (R) 2,204 Mitt Romney (R) 2,184 Ron Paul (R) 1,315 Dennis (D) 1,206 Joe Biden (D) 1,163 Duncan Hunter (R) 662 Chris Dodd (D) 421 You can skip the Impact home page for some 'Space time with Dennis by clicking here. — Jason Nedley


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