"You're an asshole," says reader


The following was received anonymous via email under the headline, "You're an asshole:" You have no idea how hard it is to be a guidance counselor ["Animal Kingdom," March 21]. That woman tried as hard as she could to put a stop to the violence and bullying that goes on in that school district. I would love to see you stop bullying. Bullying is something that no one can control. It will always go on. Bullying is the product of media endorsing violence and is a way for boys/men to bond with each other. There is nothing that can be done to stop this. The best thing a person could do in this situation is to help the boy be comfortable enough with himself. I got bullied when I was younger, but that never made me feel like I needed to kill myself to stop it. The boy is mentally unstable. I think your article does a nice job at making his family so sweet and supportive. What did they do to help in this situation? People all have choices, I think that school was a bad choice for him in the first place if he is not capable of handling situations with other children. It is so obvious the spin you put on this story to get sympathy from parents who are probably just using this situation as an opportunity for money. I know the poverty rates in Cleveland. I don't understand how you, as a writer. could be so closed minded about a situation. It makes me sick. Open your mind and have some empathy for other people. Hilary

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