Angela Lisy: The hottest Euclid school board member


Angela Lisy has a secret admirer
The subject line on the post on Craig's List was deeply informative despite its succinctness. It beckoned like a siren call. In the Rants and Raves section of the online classified site, it stood out among the virtual wasteland of racist and homophobic assholes anonymously sniping at each other. The five words read: "RAVE: Angela Lisy is HOT." The words beyond the subject line explained it all. "I love watching the school board meetings now. :)" For the unacquainted, Lisy has been a member of the Euclid Board of Education for the past year and a half. When not ensuring that no child is left behind, she works part-time as a researcher and tutors high schoolers in math and science. Lisy, however, was unaware she had an admirer and was responsible for the doubling of the school board meeting's viewership from one to two. "Oh my goodness you just gave me a heart palpitation!" she said while in the midst of cooking pork chops. Though flattered, she'd rather be known for her "intellect" or "athleticism" than her hottitude. "I've never in my life been referred to as hot," she said. "I've been called a lot of things, and hot is not one of them." Sure you haven't. -- T.K. Kim



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