Obama, David Letterman, and Cleveland's favorite elf


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Senator Barack Obama appeared on Letterman last night, plugging his presidential bid, showing off his polished but likeable demeanor, and, most importantly, demonstrating a pretty decent knack for comedic timing — a must-have trai for whoever's going to inherit this comically fucked up little nation of ours. What's great about Obama is that his comedy — unlike the current Goober-in-Chief's — is for the most part intentional. (A nice example is the highlight above, where Obama addresses Dave's dream of an Obama-Clinton power ticket). But Obama's funniest line was indeed an accident. As he rattled off the names of Democratic hopefuls, he slipped in the name of Dennis Kucinich, Cleveland's own congressman and future star of The Surreal Life 10. Letterman chimed in. "You're kidding about Kucinich, aren't you?" the host deadpanned. Obama smiled and said something to the affect of, "Dennis spices things up," which is true, in the same way that a drunk homeless guy wandering into your birthday party and peeing in the beer cooler spices things up: it's amusing the first time, but after that you just wish the homeless guy would pee on someone else's Miller Lite. The above highlight is the only video I could track down so far, but I'm sure the full interview will be on YouTube in no time. — Joe P. Tone


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