DJ Getemgump's top 10 list of Cleveland's best soul


Both Detroit and Philadelphia overshadow Northeast Ohio when it comes to classic soul, funk, and R&B. But that doesn't mean the region didn't produce a wealth of great music. If you read "Rubber City Grooves," writer Denise Grollmus' feature on Akron DJ Forrest Getemgump, then you know Getemgump specializes in rare, old jams from around the area. Luckily for us, the dude decided to supply us with 10 of his personal faves: 1) The Variations, "Yesterday is Gone" (Okeh) 2) Slave, "Slide" b/w "Son of Slide" (Cotillion) 3) Sun, "Sun Is Here" (Capitol) 4) Roger Troutman, "So Ruff So Tuff" (Warner Brothers) 5) Timmy Willis, "Mr. Soul Satisfaction" (Veep) 6) Charles Davenport, "I've Gotta Message To You" (Warner Brothers) 7) Tommy Johnson & Elegance, "Cherokee" 8) Soul Toranodoes, "Go For Yourself" (Magic City) 9) S.O.U.L, "The Joneses" (Musicor) 10) Unique Blend, "Mommy and Daddy" (Eastbound)


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