"We'd All Like to Flee to the Cleve"


A national TV show has finally realized that Cleveland is okay. On Thursday's 30 Rock, Tina Fey's character, Liz -- a neurotic, sarcastic executive on a variety show that looks a lot like SNL -- is dating Floyd, a lawyer originally from Cleveland. Struggling with ennui and stress, Floyd suggests the two of them take a vacation. Liz is all for the idea. "Where should we go, the Bahamas?" she asks. Floyd pauses. "I was thinking of Cleveland," he responds. "Cleveland?" Liz asks doubtfully. But after getting hit in the face by an ungrateful panhandler, she rethinks her pessimism. Exiting the car after a seven hour drive, Liz takes a long breath. "What's that wonderful smell?" she asks. "Cleveland," Floyd answers. Over an extended weekend, Liz proceeds to fall in love with our fair city, taking in Jacob's Field, the Rock Hall, and lakeview restaurants. "Are you a model?" one kindhearted soul asks. "You should really eat something." Liz arrives back to New York ebuillant. "In Cleveland I could be a model," she exorts. Her cohorts chuckle. But unlike the cliched, Cleveland-as-a-punchline normal response, her co-workers all understand her infatuation with the city. "We'd all like to flee to the Cleve," Liz's boss (Alec Baldwin) says, kindly. — Rebecca Meiser

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