Come Tussle in Oberlin


Tussle_AlisonChilds_001.jpg If you feel a need this weekend to shake your indie ass to Tussle’s dub-funk, you’ll have to drive to Oberlin. The hip San Francisco quartet is skipping Cleveland on its current tour -- which is just fine. I mean, sure, Tussle is really good at what it does (simply check out 2006’s Telescope Mind CD), but what it does has been done so often over the past five, six years -- that is, fusing warm Tortoise-like post-rock, sinewy grooves à la the legendary Liquid Liquid, punk-disco throwdowns, and reverb-drenched dub production. Of course, dance music doesn’t need to be groundbreaking to move bodies; it just needs a good beat, and Tussle most certainly has that. -- Justin F. Farrar Tussle. Sunday, May 6, at the Dionysus Club (a/k/a the ‘Sco), Oberlin College, 135 West Lorain Street, Oberlin, 440-775-8106.


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