Reader: Kucinich a no-show as Ford cuts more jobs


I find it interesting with the announcement of a loss of nearly 600 jobs at the Ford plant in two weeks, and another 1,200 by 2009, that Congressman Dennis Kucinich ("I support the worker") is too busy galavanting all over the country instead of his usual "screaming in front of the camera after the fact" doing nothing to help, and then disappearing from the scene. The only thing I have seen Kucinich support for decades is himself and his ego, but he talks a good line! He needs to return his salary paid by us -- the taxpayers -- to the federal treasury because he is hardly at work. If I missed as many days at work as he does, I would certainly be fired! Other than yelling loud and getting his face on TV, Kucinich has done absolutely nothing to help the district move forward economically. I hope the voters in the 10th Congressional District decide they have been insulted, ridiculed, ignored and made to look stupid enough across the nation by this joke of a guy and vote him out of office next time! Max Weitz Strongsville

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