Danny Diablo hits Agora, not people, on Wednesday


Danny Diablo will warm up the stage for Hed (PE) at Peabody's (2083 E. 21st St., 216-776-9999) Wednesday, May 16 -- and once he’s done, the rap-rock one-hit wonders will be lucky if there’s any stage left to take. Diablo made his name as Lord Ezec, playing New York hardcore with Skarhead and Crown of Thornz, representing NYC’s formidable Pitchfork crew, and cracking a few skulls along the way. Leaving the negative side of street life behind, the tartantula-tat-neck tough guy changed his nom de rock to Danny Diablo. He now plays a different kind of crossover, fusing street punk, reggae (see the above clip for “Living by the Gun”), and anything else that crosses his path. It’s what the Beastie Boys might have turned out if they’d been blue-collars guys and had turned to lifting weights instead of reading about Buddhism. The music has more groove now, but cats like this would be hardcore if they were singing nursery rhymes. Recommended for fans of Necro, the Lordz, and Rancid. -- D.X. Ferris


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