Nut Poll: Ohio wants to kill strip joints


CCV, the downstate crazies behind the Stripper Bill, today released a poll that they say shows widespread support for their proposed crackdown on strip clubs and other adult businesses. The timing of the poll’s release was no accident: the Ohio Senate’s Judiciary committee will meet on the bill tomorrow, and is expected to push it to a vote, introduce a substitute bill, or just call off the hearing and head for Pure Platinum for a “special session.” CCV, author of Ohio’s gay marriage ban and other fine works of oppression, wants lawmakers to pass the bill as is – with a “six-foot rule” prohibiting dancer-patron interaction and a mandate that Precious and Angel keep their tops on after midnight. So they hired Kellyanne Conway -- a Republican pollster who once compared being gay to being a slut – to ask Ohioans for their opinions. This is what she reported back, according to CCV’s release: (1) by a margin of 65-24%, Ohioans would ask their legislators to vote for provisions similar to those of S.B.16, the Community Defense Act; (2) by a margin of 60-27%, Ohioans support requiring sexually oriented businesses to close between midnight and 6:00am; (3) by a margin of 68-23%, Ohioans support mandating that nude or semi-nude employees avoid any physical contact with patrons. Though the poll has a margin of error of 187 percent – since it was conducted among seven people sitting in the front pews of a Cincinnati mega-church -- CCV hopes the numbers will help muscle lawmakers into rubber-stamping the bill. If they don’t, the organization hopes the poll is a sign of things to come: CCV will try to collect signatures and put the restrictions on the November ballot if it doesn’t pass soon. – Joe P. Tone



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