The spirit of OK Go comes to the Ingenuity Festival


Not everyone’s sick of that OK Go video (see above). Apparently, the folks at MorrisonDance still get a kick out of watching four nerdy guys move from treadmill to treadmill while a forgettable slice of power pop plays in the background. The local dance troupe is looking for treadmills to use at this year’s Ingenuity Festival. They need eight of the exercise-machine-turned-goofy-performance-prop for their gig. Yes, they plan to recreate the “Here It Goes Again” video step by step. And they’re being quite picky about what you give them. They’re searching for models that look exactly like the one OK Go used. So, if you’ve got a treadmill or two around the house you’re not using, call 216-496-3536, and someone from MorrisonDance will pick it up and make magic happen with it. Your contribution nets a pair of festival passes and big thank-you in the program. --Michael Gallucci


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