The skinny on the Pinheads, a new Ramones tribute


Long-running ClePunks the Subtones are on hold, but most of the band are in a new project, the Pinheads, a Ramones tribute. Guitarist C.J. Gunn discussed the former and the latter. On the Subtones: “Subtones have not been confirmed for anything for a long time. We had tried to make some shows happen, but nothing since the end of 2006. I think the thing with Subtones is: Everyone involved just needs a big break from it. Months, if not years, for me personally. After years and years of the same thing, it is very healthy for me to walk away now, rather than allow it to turn into a ghost of what it once was. And some time down the road when I wanna return to it, it will still be here and as much fun.” His new band finds the guitarist returning to old material. Gunn backed Marky Ramone in Marky Ramone and the Intruders, who played plenty of blitzkrieg bop. “The Pinheads is a new band I have that only plays Ramones tunes,” says Gunn. “It's me on guitar, Aaron Dowell [also of the Nick Wolff Band, formerly of the Intruders, and ex-Amps II Eleven] on bass, Holly [Berry, also of Subtones] is singing lead, and original Subtones drummer Gerry Keefer. It is pretty much the well-known and less-known songs from day one to the last record from 1996. It's like a Ramones jukebox: We let the crowd yell it out, and we will play it. We know around a hundred Ramones songs. I prefer the ‘80s era of the Ramones, honestly; the lesser-known songs are very underrated.” The Pinheads, the Shemps, and Ifarm play Now That’s Class (11213 Detroit Ave., 216-221-8576) Friday, May 25. -- D.X. Ferris


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