The Doors -- sort of -- come to the House of Blues


It’s a big week for Doors fans in Cleveland. The Rock Hall is opening a Doors exhibit, and two-thirds of the surviving band members will play a Thursday night set at the House of Blues (308 Euclid Ave., 216-423-2583). The set will comprise Doors material, but the band’s not exactly the Doors. After a couple lawsuits, they’re calling themselves Riders on the Storm, and they have Brett Scallions on vocals. That’s the kid from Fuel, whose modern-rock hits include “Shimmer.” We already goofed on the guys in this week’s Scene. So in our ongoing mission to be fair and balanced, we turn now to Moonlight Drive, one of the area’s 19 Doors tribute bands. Keyboardist Dave Holmberg says at least the guys aren’t dead: “Well... I guess one thing I could talk about is why the Doors maintain their relevance in the 21st Century,” Holberg told us. “Jim died before he could get sucked up by the system. He died as he lived that day in Paris. He came across as a sort of outlaw everyman, always in need of a shave and a hot bath and ready to fire both barrels, while simultaneously creating cool music with Ray, Robbie and John. Unfortunately, John and Jim will not be there; however, Ray and Robbie will be (and rightfully so), as will be [the Fuel guy] on vocals. It's great to see Ray and Robbie play. Go see them while they’re still with us on this planet. 'Cause after their gone, we will only have Doors tribute bands. Long live Ray and Robbie.” Maybe the saddest part of the entire Cleveland episode is the biggest missed opportunity of all: The Rock Hall’s on Lake Erie, right? The exhibit should have had a ride, in which Doors fans could ride a long snake to the lake. Jim would have wanted it that way. -- D.X. Ferris

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