Lakewood's Maria Gigante a Finalist for MTV Film Award


Lakewood’s Maria Gigante has made it to the final of Best Filmmaker on Campus Award for her short movie Girls Room. The film is about two young girls who enter a public rest room at the same time. Both have to pee, but are embarrassed that others might be listening. They try to hold it in, but, as always, nature wins. Gigante’s mother, Holly, is proud of her daughter, though she does wish Maria would have chosen a slightly less private matter for her first movie. “I thought, ‘Oh my God, you’re talking about peeing in public,” says Holly Gigante. “My daughter’s got a streak of dark humor,” sighs the Catholic mother. Maria’s competing for the top prize –a trip to the 2007 MTV Movie Awards and a development deal worth up to $25,000 – against four other film school grads. As is the norm these days, winner will be chosen by popular vote. To help a sister out – and watch a clip of her movie – click here. The contest ends May 29th. -- Rebecca Meiser

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