Breaking news: Cavs to start James at point guard


With point guard Larry Hughes sidelined with a foot injury, the Cavaliers will start forward LeBron James at point guard in tonight’s Game 4, team sources say. It will mark the first time in league history that one player will start at two positions in the same game. The Cavaliers struggled with the decision, but eventually decided that they would be better off playing with only four players. “This way, LeBron will get the ball, like, 20 percent more,” a high-level source stated. It also saves the Cavs from having to start Eric Snow, Damon Jones, or Daniel Gibson, keeping them available to towel off James during timeouts. Cavs GM Danny Ferry also has petitioned NBA Commissioner David Stern for a last-minute rule change to allow James to pass the ball to himself. Stern is expected to make a decision by tonight’s game. According to an email obtained by C-Notes, Ferry believes that “such a rule, while unorthodox, would be pretty cool, especially for alley-oops and stuff.” The Cavs also considered benching center Drew Gooden in favor James, but scratched the idea when they realized they wouldn’t have enough room on the bench. – Joe P. Tone


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