He Complained, and RTA Actually Listened


The last time we caught up with Chris Allen, he wasn’t too pleased with Cleveland’s public transportation system. On May 16, Allen, who was trying to head home from work, was forced to wait in the RTA terminal in Public Square for more than three hours. Transit workers told him he couldn’t take his bike on the trains during rush hour. Or before the start of an Indians game. Or before the Cavs tipoff. It didn’t even matter that the trains heading out of downtown were empty. Allen would have to wait until well past dinnertime, they said. Outraged, Allen contacted RTA administrators. And – get this – they actually listened. Today, spokesman Chad Self confirmed that the RTA will eliminate its no bikes rule. “Right now, there are talks going on in regards to eliminating the rush hour restriction,” Self says. “We may do it for a trial basis, and if works out, we may do it longer.” – Denise Grollmus


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