Terrence Howard: Traitor to Cleveland?


The most depressing thing about last night’s Cavs game was not the final score, although that did make me want to use my LeBron bobblehead doll to bobble myself in the face. No, the most depressing thing was ABC’s shot of actor Terrence Howard, of Hustle and Flow fame, sitting next to Eva Longoria and wearing a damn Spurs jersey. Last year, I gave Howard the Best Hollywood Actor from Cleveland award in our annual Best Of issue. I did this because the dude was raised in Cleveland. And apparently he was still happy to claim C-Town early last night, when The PD’s Mike McIntyre caught up with him. But then ABC caught Howard in a Spurs jersey. I know the Cavs looked like shit, Terrence, but still, that kind of front-running can get you kicked out of the pimping business. You know? – Joe P. Tone


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