Hating Eva Longoria


After the Cavs' painful loss to the Spurs last week, many Clevelanders will never be able to watch Desperate Housewives again. Not after being subjected, night after night, to the actress Eva Longoria (Gabrielle on the show) clapping her perfect hands and beaming her perfect smile for the TV cameras in support of her fiancé, Spurs point guard Tony Parker. It’s one thing to support your man. But did they really have to make out on the court after Thursday’s night’s gut-wrenching game? Apparently, I’m not the only one troubled by this. Last week, driving home on I-90, I spotted a changing billboard that just for a moment read, “Eva Longoria is fat.” Maybe it was just a mirage. Or wishful thinking. But a similar sign was spotted at the Q during the game. I love this town. – Lisa Rab

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