A word on steroids from Brady Quinn


Thank God at least one other local sports hero is taking a stand on the important issues of our time. (Assuming, of course, that Ira Newble doesn’t count.) Yesterday Browns quarterback Brady Quinn told the Palm Beach Post he supports a new Florida law requiring high-school athletes to be tested for steroids. After all, he told writer Andrew Abramson, back in his own prep days he was tested. Yeah, it was, like, random and everything, too. “And I think it was good,” Brady said. You can read on and be baffled by the astounding depth of Quinn’s insights, or you can just take our word for it: The best part of Abramson’s article is how his editors let him refer to his subject: “Dolphins Browns quarterback Brady Quinn.” Seems Abramson and the Post, like many among the ‘Fins faithful, is still a tad heartbroken by the team’s dissing Quinn for Ted Ginn. We just have to ask: Did you see this guy throw during minicamp? We’ve got ten bucks saying that when Quinn signs his contract, his pen overshoots the dotted line. – Jason Nedley


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