Cleveland filmmaker goes pro


One of our favorite movies from this year’s Cleveland International Film Festival, Hero Tomorrow, makes its international premiere next month at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival. The flick – a comic-book spoof helmed by local filmmaker Ted Sikora – has popped up at a few comic conventions over the past year, but the July 15 screening at the revered Fantasia fest marks its debut outside of U.S. borders (yes, Montreal counts). Hero Tomorrow tells the story of Dave, a Cleveland comic-book writer who mows lawns by day and smokes tons of weed at night. On Halloween, his girlfriend makes him a costume that looks just like his most beloved creation, Apama. Soon, Dave embarks on a crime-fighting career that goes about as well as you’d expect from a guy who likes the cheeba. Sikora and his Cleveland cast will make the trip north for the film festival, which also includes screenings of indie shockers like Countess Bathoria’s Graveyard Picture Show and Your Mommy Kills Animals. --Michael Gallucci

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