Money Where Your Mouth Is: Beatallica


The Scene Music Department could tell you why you need to see Beatallica -- the world’s best simultaneous tribute to Metallica and the Beatles -- live, but ut why take our word for it when the band’s available? Band: Beatallica Hometown: Milwaukee, WI Sounds like: “Beatles and Metallica, rammed together at high speed!” Fun fact: “Despite two East Coast tours and a slew of Midwest shows, Beatallica has played more European dates than US dates, possibly due to lead guitarist GRG Hammetson's love of schnitzel. They were born in Milwaukee, but they grew up in Hamburg!” Playing: 8 p.m. Thursday, July 5, 2007, at the Jigsaw Saloon (5324 State Rd., Parma). With Pinheads, Northeast Ohio’s finest female-fronted Ramones tribute. Why you need to see them: “You would be a bunch of pussies not to!” -- Kliff McBurtney, lead bass