Money Where Your Mouth Is: The Slow Poisoner


One-man band Andrew Poisoner explains why you should come see him. One of the Scene music writers would have done it, but they’re still so overcome by the new Interpol that they can’t even type. Band: The Slow Poisoner Hometown: San Francisco Sounds like: “A one man surrealistic rock and roll band. Sounds like an unholy marriage of David Bowie and Johnny Cash.” Fun fact: “I started off as the leader of a quintet called the Slow Poisoners ten years ago, and every two years or so I'd fire one member and not replace them, 'cause it kept sounding better. Eventually, it was down to just me, and I simply dropped the ‘s’ and went from plural to singular. I also grew an additional limb so that I could stand up, play guitar, and also be banging a kick drum and jingling sleigh bells, singing all the while.” Playing: Happy hour concert, 6 p.m. Friday July 20, at The Happy Dog (5801 Detroit Ave, 216-651-9474), with one-woman band Miss Firecracker. Why you need to see him: “I sell my patented Slow Poisoner Miracle Tonic at shows, guaranteed to cure gout, consumptions, wandering limbs, onanism and disinterested bladder.” -- Andrew Poisoner



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