More Whining from America’s Leading Hypocrite, Dennis Kucinich


Count on the U.S.S. Dennis Kucinich to stand up when the basic tenets of our democracy – especially the congressman’s God-given to prattle in front of millions of TV viewers. So when Democratic presidential hopefuls John Edwards and Hillary Clinton were caught whispering [video above] in front of an open microphone about muscling certain fringe candidates out of future debates (“eh, hem, [cough] the Elf [cough]”) you can imagine the little guy got hotter than a Chihuahua in heat. “It’s an attempt to rig an election,” squawked Kucinich in a heated interview on the John Gibson radio show. “It almost sounds like something out of a Francis Ford Coppola movie.” Yet Kucinich was taught from a young age that, despite having the build of a lawn jockey, you never back down. That’s why he sent a letter to John Edwards, challenging him to a one-on-one debate. Some would call it an ironic move, since Kucinich routinely refuses to debate his congressional opponents, having blown them off for three straight elections. The last time Kucinich was supposed to debate, it was against Barbara Ferris, his 2006 primary opponent. Kucinich pulled a typical Kucinich, backing out of the City Club debate at the last minute, citing a “scheduling conflict.” When Ferris showed up at his Lakewood headquarters to demand answers, he just about Hershey-squirted on his shoes. Our advice to Edwards: Just turn the mic off next time. We’ll promise to look the other way. In the meantime, let’s not waste time on pesky details like these. Dennis is losing valuable airtime. -- Jared Klaus

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