SI: Browns Open Training Camp as the NFL's Worst Team


It’ll be 54 days before the boys in Brown and Orange open a new season against Pittsburgh -- 10 days until training camp even begins. But already, some national media think we should be looking to 2008. In his Monday column for, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King throws a bone to those of us craving some early pigskin scoop with his “Pre-Training Camp Power Rankings.” Among the league’s 32 teams, King ranks the Browns dead last. “The Browns are beginning to draft their way out of the abyss,” he writes. “But it's a pretty deep abyss.” ESPN, CBS Sportline and Fox Sports chime in, too, though they’re ranking individual positions on each team. Unfortunately, you’ve got to have ESPN’s pricey Insider service to read their position rankings, but you’re not really missing much – they like Kellen Winslow and our linebackers, but that’s really it. Ditto for CBS Sportsline, but only for the Winslow nod. Breathe easy, says Fox’s Mike Tanier – for once, the Browns’ quarterbacks aren’t the suckiest in the land. By adding Brady Quinn, they’ve leapfrogged Oakland and Minnesota for the bottom bronze. Still, he’s no fan of Charlie Frye. “Frye couldn’t throw a football 50 yards if you pumped the pigskin full of helium,” he writes. - Jason Nedley


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