Free Music Monday: Mushroomhead Live


Former Mushroomhead frontman Jason "J. Mann" Popson rejoined the 'Head Saturday at the Plain Dealer Pavilion at Nautica. Mann -- he's the guy in the black T-shirt; all the others look like killer clowns on their way to a military rally -- returned to the masked band for a single song at the Sounds of the Underground metal festival. The group performed "Sun Doesn't Rise," the first single from 2003's XIII, Mann's final album with the band. Mann and current frontman Waylon traded off bark-rap vocals (see video above). Mushroomhead closed the show. In rock history, no one wants to follow certain bands -- Hendrix, Slayer, and if you're in Cleveland, Mushroomhead. Chimaira kicked some ass too. -- D.X. Ferris


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