Reader: The Lutheran Church is Going to Turn Lakewood into East Cleveland


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After reading “Real World Lakewood,” this week’s story about a program for troubled teens stoking fears about the suburb’s decline, a caller named George left the following phone message: “I live on Edgewater Drive… just a little bit down from 117th… I know exactly what you’re talking about… And I’m surprised at the Lutheran church saying “Well, you know, we can’t really rehabilitate these kids in Cleveland so we have to ship ’em to Lakewood. “Well, guess what’s going to happen next? People who thought Lakewood was a nice community to raise their kids are gonna now have to deal with the drug dealers and all the other crap that goes with it. But no one will discuss it. No one will say these are more than just troubled kids. These kids needs a complete re-education, a cultural education if you will… a lot of older people in Lakewood won’t go out at night because of this fear… “We can’t discuss it intelligently, rationally. We can’t say, ‘These are stupid kids. Stupid parents have stupid kids.’ We can’t do it. So the Lutheran church drags them into Lakewood. And its gonna turn Lakewood into East Cleveland.” – Lisa Rab



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