Scenes From Sounds of the Underground fest


Saturday was a helluva day for a festival -- 80 degrees, and not a cloud in sky. But all that sunshine can put the zap on your head, even inside a giant tent like the Time Warner Amphitheatre. Maybe that's why the Sounds of the Underground show got off to a sluggish start. The crowd was lethargic, especially for tent full of punks and metalheads. Everyone was pretty limp, even all the way through a respectable set by Shadows Fall, one of the varsity bands from the new wave of American heavy metal. And so things continued at the start of a set by Every Time I Die, a rawkin' metalcore band from Buffalo. They're a popular draw at Peabody's, where they play a few times a year, inciting the crowd to into a writhing, sweaty mass. But the band kept plugging away. Two songs in, whipsmart frontman Keith Buckley put the pit on notice and demanded that the kids down in front start crowd surfing. And surf they did -- 4.5 minutes later, shit was crazy. Bodies were flying, flailing legs were kicking random heads, and the barricade was a war zone. And so it remained. We could tell you more about it, but why take our word for it when video's available above? Alternative Press Music Editor Scott Heisel made the most of his all-access pass: He filmed the hectical footage of a new song and an old favorite. Check out more of his pics from the show here. -- D.X. Ferris


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