Rumors, Recaps, and Wretched Writing


Breaking news: Stephon Marbury is a punk.
(We read the local sports pages so you don’t have to.) Trade Brady! An “insider” suggests to the Beacon-Journal that the Browns should “let Quinn go back in the draft, or trade him next year.” Apparently the Beacon has recruited a local crackhead to serve as its insider. Odd. Kellen Not Jellin': The News-Herald reports that Kellen Winslow won’t be on the field when the Browns start training camp. Apparently it’s July. Miller Time Delayed: Banking on Adam Miller to shore up the Tribe’s pitching staff? Don’t hold your breath, The PD reports. They're such downers over there. Stephon is Steph-off his rocker: Finally, if you ever wanted to word-shank Stephon Marbury (who doesn’t, really?), Brian Windhorst’s Cavs blog is apparently the place. Happy shanking -- Joe P. Tone


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