Warped Tour Week, Part II: Online Exclusive -- No Almost.


The Almost -- Underoath singer Aaron Gillespie’s solo project-turned-full-on band -- was scheduled to play the Warped Tour Thursday, August 2. Underoath is still on the bill, but the Almost won’t be playing. If you’re keeping track, that’s the second time the group has bailed on Cleveland: They canceled an Agora show this spring at the last minute; promotion for the Southern Weather album kicked into overdrive, and the group was caught up in NYC. But fear not. If you missed this week’s This Just In concert announcements, you can relax knowing the band is scheduled to play the House of Blues Friday, August 31. Until now, you can enjoy the video for “Say This Sooner,” one of the great singles to emerge from the emo generation. Keep visiting C-Notes all week for more Warped extras. -- D.X. Ferris

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