Warped Tour Week, Part IV: Can local bands survive the curse of the local stage?


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Five Northern Ohio bands will play the Ernie Ball Local Heroes side stage at the Vans Warped Tour on Thursday, August 2. And now that you’re here, you’re one click away from learning about Another Found Self, This Awkward Silence, Plague the City, Bleeding a Memory, and Between Thieves. Ernie Ball, a guitar-string company, picks regional bands for each stop on the punk festival. Being picked is a great opportunity, but in Cleveland, the bands’ time in the spotlight has often ended right there. In the past, the Ernie Ball panel has picked some winners. Victory Flag played some killer crossover in 2003, shortly before imploding. In 2004, the stage’s lineup featured Delay, HowAboutNo, Johnny Psycho, and the Radikills -- and we couldn’t tell you the last time we heard from any of them. In 2005, Monet Madrid Madagascar shook the stage with art rock, shortly before breaking up. And last year, Madison East actually broke up between submitting a demo and being accepted, but reformed to play the show. It won’t be the end of the scene if the curse strikes some of this year’s lucky winners, ‘cuz emo and wuss-rock are the order of the day. The Cleveland lineup features: Another Found Self, a Boardman emo quintet; This Awkward Silence, a Lakewood rock band; Plague the City, a Bowling Green rock combo; Bleeding a Memory, a Cleveland screamo squad; and Between Thieves, Akron pop-punks. The local stage lineup starts when the gates open, at 11 a.m. Click here for a full Warped lineup from Scene’s concert listings. (Set times aren’t announced until the morning of the show, at the show.) See you there. -- D.X. Ferris


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