Hate Mail of the Week: Your Story on Mexicans Sucked, Commie Fagboy


Idiot, What part of "ILLEGAL Immigrants" don't you understand ["The Superior Americans," July 18]? They broke the law in coming here, and commie fags like you want to mollycoddle them! If they are so great, then why is Mexico a SHIT HOLE? After all, if they are so orderly, law abiding and industrious, then -- Hell's Bells! -- Mexico should be a superpower! But, wait! IT'S NOT! Why? Because they are lazy, and they allow a corrupt government, and drug cartels to run their lives. Yet, they sneak across our border, and BAMMO! They are super citizens! Commies like you make me want to puke! I am an American Soldier who's only fear of those people is that they will try to "Re-conquer" America only when I am too old and sickly to fight them (Hey, I want to have some fun too, you know!) And please, fagboy, cut the crying over seperated families. If they didn't want to be separated from their families, then they shouldn't have left them. And as for these Anchor-babies. That stands for now. Yet, there are those who are starting to question even that. After all, why should we place precedent of the children of criminals over the future of our own children? An illegal is an illegal -- whether they snuck in, or were born here -- they ARE illegal. Here's a question for you, Bolshivik: If they can break the law in coming here illegally, do we get to disregard the law, and shoot them where we find them? Why not? Is one law precedent to another? Or are all laws of equal weight? I am going to Iraq soon, and my only regret is that -- if I have to die over there -- it will be so FREAKS like you can spout this BULLSHIT to my fellow Americans. But I do not want to shut you up. For it is entirely as the great Rush Limbaugh has illustrated: The more Assholes like you speak, the more you doom yourself. We know who you are. We know where you are coming from. And, we know why to tell our children to spit on you. But, please, tell me that: if they are so great, then why is "Mehico" such a shithole? And, if it isn't, why are they coming here? And then tell me why I should overlook all of the times that the MS13 section of your vaunted "Superior Americans" have kicked open the doors of our elderly, and killed them without mercy? PLEASE tell me that!!!! You can go back to reading your copy of Mao's Little Red Book now, but please know something: Should I survive Iraq, then I hope to further outlive you. For it will be a supreme honor in my life to piss on your grave, bitch! P.S. I am saving a copy of this missive. So please, do not try any of your fagboy, commie tricks. With warmest regards, Jack Quimbly Dastardly Esq.

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