Straight Outta Compound Fest 3: Like Lollapalooza, but with no Daft Punk


Couldn't afford the $1.7 mil it costs for a 3-day pass to Lollapalooza this weekend? No worries: Straight Outta Compound Fest 3, an all-day shmorgasborg of Cleveland underground talent, goes off this Saturday, and will leave money left over for copious beer. While Blonde Redhead and Pearl Jam will be absent from the line-up, Compoud’s big, dusty parking lot, off of East 63rd Street, will be offer FREE BBQ, hot dogs, port-o-lets, and the sweet sounds of no fewer than 15 bands, including Clan of the Cave Bear, Machine Go Boom, Coffinberry, Pet Monster, and more. Festivities kick off at 1 p.m., when noise rockers Jerk take the stage for one of their last shows ever. Read on for the rest of the line-up and a somewhat bitter sign-off by the author of this blog entry. The Line-up: 1:45-2:15pm - Insurrect 2:30-3:00pm - Clan Of The Cave Bear 3:15-3:45pm - State Of Ohio 4:00-4:30pm - Machine Go Boom 4:45-5:15pm - Tusco Terror 5:30-6:00pm - Ginch 6:15-6:45pm - Homostupids 7:00-7:30pm - The Surah New Orchestar 7:45-8:15pm - National Suicide Day 8:30-9:00pm - Maumin Collective 9:15-9:45pm - Coffinberry 10:00-10:30pm - Shiny Johnson 10:45-11:15pm - Sun God 11:30-12:00pm - Pet Monster Be there, or be square -- unless you could afford a ticket to Lollapalooza, in which case, enjoy watching Daft Punk, and fuck you. – Denise Grollmus


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