Carey fears Clevelanders would murder him for wearing Dodger blue. He's right.***


Drew Carey: officially a bigger pimp than Terrence Howard.
It’s good to know that some Cleveland celebrities don’t move to LA, and develop a severe form of amnesia when it comes time to remembering their roots (yeah, we’re talking to you, Terrence). That’s why we adore Drew Carey. This morning on Regis and Kelly, which we were watching for important research purposes we can’t disclose here, the talk show hosts asked Carey, newly appointed host of Price is Right, what sparked his fascination with soccer. “Well I can’t root for any of L.A.’s major-league teams,” he told the co-hosts. “People in Cleveland would string me up if I was seen walking around in a L.A. Dodgers shirt.” It’s pretty safe to say that Major League Soccer will never catch on big here. But if for some reason it does, rest assured that Carey will be in the front row, cheerily ripping apart his LA Galaxy t-shirt. – Rebecca Meiser *** Update: Who knew that knowing the name of our fair city could win cash and prizes worth $15,600? The day after Carey's visit, Regis and Kelly sounded shocked when a call-in viewer correctly answered the cash-prize question: “What city is Drew Carey from?” Now back to your regularly scheduled programs …


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