Bad News Browns: More depressing news for Cleveland sports fans


"Know how I know you’re gay? Your blog keeps using the same topless picture of Brady."
Some training camp notes from Berea. And by “Berea,” we mean the Internet. *Brady Quinn arrived Wednesday, met briefly with Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson – you know, the guys he says he’ll "without a doubt" bury on the depth chart – then spent the night in a hotel, no doubt dreaming about all the endorsement dough he’ll rake in, as soon as the coaches stop nagging him with all this crap about “playbooks” and “accuracy.” *Indicator number 7,456 that the Plain Dealer's sports section needs to check itself into rehab: Pro Football Talk reports that the PD totally shanked the terms of Quinn’s deal, which they pegged at seven years and $20.2 million, with a $7.5-million signing bonus and a maximum value of $30 million. The Taipei Times – whose NFL coverage has always been way underrated – reported the deal at five years, as did virtually every other self-respecting media outlet in our atmosphere. PFT’s take: “The deal isn't seven years, the $20.2 million figure is bogus, the $7.75 million guarantee isn't a signing bonus, and the $30 million figure is even more bogus than the $20.2 million figure. Other than that, the Plain Dealer got it right.” *One more nugget to decleat you: online sportsbook has posted each team’s odds of winning the Super Bowl, and sorry, gang, the darkest horse ain’ t in Oakland or Houston. Even with Quinn in camp, the Browns’ odds are the league’s worst at 125-to-1 – not quite lightning or a shark attack, but not much better, either. – Jason Nedley



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