Reader: Let's Go Get that Vietnam Imposter


Michael D. Roberts: I am a former Marine, combat vet 69-70 with 3rd. batt., 1st. Marine, 1st. Marine Div. Lima Comp. MOS- Military Occupation Status, 0311 grunt, secondary 0341 mortars ["Vietnam to Iraq," August 8]. Battalion headquarters was on hill 55 company, 34,25 miles sw of Da Nang. Roberts, I believe you earned your pound cake, it was a prized possession. If you had the heart and guts to be in Vietnam in '68, i say rise up complete the task of confronting the fly boy. It will be a right and necessary justice for him. I will gladly walk point or be your backup. I will give you my prized pound cake. This is one grunt who says thanks for the article. You earned your CIB. Gary Barnes

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