Akron School boss sued; "lost and found" items expected to turn up on eBay


If a man can't manage his own bills, can he be trusted with $250 million in taxpayer dough? Conventional wisdom says no, especially if the man in question is gainfully employed and making CEO scratch. What, then, to make of a lawsuit filed yesterday against Akron Public Schools superintendent Sylvester Small? Apparently, Smalls has a bit of trouble keeping up with his credit card bills. The suit, filed by Asset Acceptance, a third-party collection agency, claims Sylvester and his wife owe a credit card company more than $6,800 in late payments. Now, there's nothing weird about falling behind on your bills. It's the American Way. But seeing as Sylvester Smalls makes $140,000 a year to oversee Akron’s multi-million dollar school budget, such an oversight is a tad troublesome. (Although not surprising, since Akron is in Ohio, the World’s Leading Provider of Over-promotions™.) In completely, totally, really couldn’t be any more related news, the Akron Public Schools are projecting a $1.2 million deficit. – Denise Grollmus


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